Saturday, May 7, 2011

Priorities and Principles

I've already decided. I'm buying Duke Nukem Forever on day one, no matter what. No matter what I hear, no matter what people say, no matter what I read. I'm getting that game.

Gaming is so important to me that this happens often. I buy most of my games completely out of principle. I ignore reviews and I don't listen to anyone's opinion. This hasn't been a foolproof system, either (far from it). I've made some very unfortunate purchases that I completely regret.

The most recent being Metroid: Other M, easily one of my least favourite games of all time. I could go on and on about how much I hate that game, but I'll save it for another time.

The point I want to make is, I don't think there's any conceivable scenario in which I wouldn't buy the latest Metroid game. I have committed myself to getting every Metroid game, period. I had my doubts about Other M leading up to release, but I got it anyway. Like I said, I do that a lot.

Back to Duke Nukem Forever; I am so psyched!

Do I think the game will be perfect? No.
Will it be revolutionary? No.
Do it look like the best game ever? No, not really.
Will it be fun? It sure does.
(Pro Tip: That last question is the most important!)

It's more of how important the game is to me. As a developer, I'm fascinated with its absolutely epic development time (in case you didn't know, various people have been working on this game for almost 15 years, it was originally supposed to be released in 1998). It's long been a running gag in the development community. I for one am really impressed and glad that Randy Pitchford and Gearbox Software (the guys who made Borderlands) stepped up to finish the job.

It is very important to me to show my support. How do you show support for a game? Well, the easiest way, of course, is to buy it!!

I have personal investment in the game, too. Duke Nukem 3D is one of my favourite games ever (top 20, probably, definitely top 30). I've been looking forward to this game for over 10 years.

Waiting for over 10 years... That's exactly what DNF's biggest problem will be: it's completely unrealistic expectations of game that's taken so long to come out. There's no way it'll live up to expectations. As long as people don't resent the game too much for this, I think it'll do fine.

Lastly, I will say that I've been keeping up to date on all of the reveals, new trailers, and gameplay info. I think the game looks great! It looks like a lot of fun. Anyone who complains about the violence, nudity and fart/dick jokes just doesn't understand what Duke Nukem is. It's part of the game's identity, not the character's.

If everything I saw made me think that the game looked terrible, I probably wouldn't be so inclined to get it. But the game looks good, and that's enough for me (some of the time). In the end, that's all the game has to be: good. Not every game needs to be on the same level as Fallout 3 or Super Mario Galaxy.

So, On June 14th, I'll finish off my last piece of gum and be ready to go get some!

Who's with me?

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