Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Game Music Jukebox #7

After a long hiatus, Game Music Jukebox returns with a look (and a listen) at the music of Kirby Super Star!

Kirby Super Star was released in North America in 1996, very late in the SNES life cycle (in fact, it came out just one week before the Nintendo 64 launched in North America). Super Star was a great showcase of one of Nintendo's most lovable B-level mascots. Aside from some great gameplay, this game features some truly outstanding music. Some of it you may not even expect to hear in a Kirby game (but only if you're unfamiliar with how bad-ass Kirby actually is).

Kirby Super Star was somewhat of a game compilation that features several small to mid-sized games that offered some nice variation in theme. This allowed the music to be very diverse and quite expansive. Kirby Super Star features a soundtrack large enough for a 60+ hour SNES RPG, and there a few gems in there.

Boss Battle:

Boss music, regardless of game, is always a treat for the ears. This high-energy, up-tempo track goes well with the frantic, free-for-all nature of the game's boss fights. There are a lot of bosses in Kirby Super Star, so you hear this music, and it'll get you pumped every time!

Trees in the Depths of the Earth:

While playing through Kirby Super Star for the first time, so many years ago, this was the first piece of music that really stood out. This track, Trees in the Depths of the Earth, is the main theme for The Great Cave Offensive, an underground exploration game (very Indiana Jones style) where Kirby must seek out treasures and explore ancient ruins (as if the music didn't already tell you that). This track does an awesome job of conveying the spelunking spirit of The Great Cave Offensive.

Heart of Nova:

During the climactic sequence of Milky Way Wishes, Kirby pilots a Starship (which in this case, is actually a flying craft in the shape of a star) through a shmup level. While it is a strong contrast to the rest of the game, it's a really fun (and incredibly short) slice of gameplay. This theme plays as you fly through the tight passages of a giant space weapon (not unlike the Death Star) as you work your way towards the core.

Meta Knight's Revenge:

When you first dive into Meta Knight's Revenge, you are greeted with a great opening sequence that includes Kirby storming a flying airship, accompanied by this music. This music is heard throughout the game in futuristic and technological environments, and it is quite fitting. It should come as no surprise that these are my favorite levels in the game, and I enjoy replaying them over and over again.

Staff Roll:

For completing all (well, most, actually) of the game's in Kirby Super Star, you are treated to a brief ending scene and credits. I have quite a fondness for ending credits themes, and this one is a nice piece of music that turns into a nice medley that works in some familiar themes. Undeniably Kirby-esque, this music caps off the game quite well.

Some people say: "These tracks are awesome... so awesome that they seem to not be appropriate for a Kirby game!" Which is the sign of someone who is completely unaware of just how awesome Kirby games really are.


  1. Excellent game, excellent track choices.

    But! Since I don't see it here, I feel it's needed to mention my own super star track: Mount DeDeDe.

    It's as deeply attached to Kirby as the victory fanfare is to Final Fantasy (for the fans at least; S-E seems to think otherwise these days) and the Metroid upgrade acquisition chorus.

    The track goes by many names, but in the end you know exactly what's going to happen and who's going to show up when that music kicks up not matter which Kirby game you're playing. And I'm going off on a tangent, but... I have to admit, part of the fun of playing a new Kirby is finding out how the theme has been remixed!

    Cursed Canvas has probably my favourite remix:

    Super Star Ultra's music is hit and miss, but the Masked DeDeDe mix is also awesome:

    Epic Yarn's is also nice and sweet:

    Yes, I like that theme way too much :p

    1. Yes, very good point! The King Dedede theme is probably the single most iconic piece of music from the Kirby series.

      I have to say that these are some outstanding remixed version of it, I totally forgot about the one from Canvas Curse! The Masked Dedede version of the song is really the standout one, it is amazing!!!

      Thanks a lot for reminding me of that!