Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Gaming Log: July 2012

It's summer time! So, naturally that means plenty of gaming! Despite the amount of games I played in July, not that much time was spent playing (mostly short, less than 60 min play sessions).

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At the end of last month's gaming log entry, I mentioned that I'd be playing some Dragon's Dogma in July. I did... but only for a couple of days. I just couldn't get into it. I really did not enjoy my time with Dragon's Dogma. I think I will revisit it and give it another chance, though.

On the handheld front, I was in a very Pokémon mood. After finishing Pokémon Conquest (the main campaign), I was in the mood for more. The additional stories and side-quests in Conquest are really tough, frustratingly tough as a matter of fact. So I had to turn to another game. So, I borrowed a copy of Pokémon HeartGold and dove right in. Long, involved games really make long train commutes that much more tolerable.

I finally decided to upgrade to the Ultimate version of Marvel vs Capcom 3 (EVO may or may not have had something to do with that decision). Speaking of EVO... the Grand Finals for UMvC3 were truly terrific! I watched the finals live, and it was such a great time!! UMvC3 is just such a joy to watch, it's so exciting.

On the new game front, I picked up Max Payne 3 and Mario Party 9. Max Payne 3 looks great and it plays really well, too. I'm finding it quite tough, so I'm working my way through it slowly. As for Mario Party 9... I love it. It's my favourite Mario Party to date. The minigames are fantastic and it is refreshingly different (not radically different, but it has some new concepts that shake up the gameplay).

So, what does August have in store? Well, I plan on doing some more writing around here, especially about music (something I've been known to do). Also, August is the 30th Anniversary of the Commodore 64! Since I got my start in gaming on a C64 (as well as an Atari 2600), I think I'll share some of my fondest Commodore 64 memories.

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