Monday, February 6, 2012

Game Music Jukebox #4

It's time for a second round of Super Mario RPG music!

Last time, I focused on the music that accompanied the battle sequences in the game. This time around, I'll feature the music that gave life to the different areas of the game. These are the pieces of music that really give the game character. Each theme below perfectly describes the area in which you hear it.

Mushroom Kingdom:

Ah, the mushroom kingdom, the home Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and the Toads. In Super Mario RPG, the mushroom kingdom is a home to a castle-town inhabited entirely by the toads. This theme has a very regal sound to it, especially when it "kicks in" at about the 0:46 mark.

Booster Tower:

To understand this particular piece of music, you really have to know Booster.

This is Booster:

Booster is a fan-favorite

Booster the Seventh is a wealthy lord who lives in a tower with his minions and his toys. He has the mind of a child, kidnaps Princess Peach because he likes how she smells, and then decides to marry her when he learns that there's cake involved (Also, the cake is a boss fight -- how awesome is that?). Simply put, Booster is awesome.

As Mario works his way through Booster's tower, he encounters toy trains, cannons, fighting marionettes, and he even has a daydream wherein he remembers what it was like when he was a blocky 8-bit character (a hilarious segment that is sadly far too short). Booster's theme is a rockin', weird piece of music that fits this off-the-wall part of the game, perfectly.

Forest Maze:

This is a fantastically haunting and atmospheric song. It really evokes the feeling of a creepy, poison-mushroom-filled forest. I've heard this song re-used, remixed and re-purposed more than any other song from this game's soundtrack. And I know more than a few people who count this as one of their favorite game songs, ever.


Ending Parade:

This is the music that plays during the game's ending credits. It's a great medley of themes from the game (you'll undoubtedly hear a bit of the mushroom kingdom in it). I'm a big fan of "ending" music, and this is one of the best. It's a great 6-minute song that closes the game in fine style!

Next time, another request. The music of Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest!


  1. Awesome! Thanks for covering Super Mario RPG music. All these great songs make me really want to play through it again. I think it's a bit too soon to make another request, but now I have a bunch of ideas that I am almost certain you are already planning on covering someday anyway.

    1. If you've got an idea or two, feel free to let me know!