Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Gaming Log: April 2012

With April officially over, it's now time for yet another installment of my 2012 gaming log. April started off fighting game-heavy and finished off with a whole lot of retro gaming.

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Fighting games dominated much of my gaming time for the first week of April, with Soulcalibur V and Street Fight X Tekken being my most played games. I'm still enjoying SFxT quite a bit and am really getting into SCV. Skullgirls, released on the 10th, gave me my next fighting game fix. It's a pretty great game, even though it is quite out of my league.

The second half of the month was dominated by old games. I completed a playthrough of Super Mario Bros. with a friend, and we both spent an afternoon working through Donkey Kong Country.

I am currently in the middle of a Metroid series playthrough; I beat Metroid: Zero Mission (substituted in place of the NES original), Metroid II (in one single 2 1/2 hour session) and Super Metroid over a few brief sessions. I am now working my way through the Metroid Prime games and will move on to Metroid: Other M and will finish off with Metroid Fusion. I'll have to wait and see just how much of May these games take up.

I am aware that the order in which I am playing the Metroid games is not the correct chronological order, it's more of a order-of-release (with Zero Mission thrown into the start).

Finally, the highlight of the month: Fez. You can read all about my thoughts on Fez. I had been waiting for this game for years, and it has not let me down. I'm going to continue playing it (despite being sidetracked with a Metroid-marathon), but I am definitely going to take my time... Fez deserves to be treated like a fine meal, better savored than voraciously consumed.

Here's looking forward to May!

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