Friday, May 11, 2012

TOJam: First signs of progress

We're a few hours into TOJam, and ideas are (slowly) turning into tangible assets.

The theme of this year's TOJam is "The world is NOT ending".

I have designed a time-shifting puzzle game that involves defying apocalyptic predictions and ensuring that the end of the world never happens. The game design is fleshing itself out as I write the design documentation.

The title of our game is "Quotidian Shift". And here's a small taste of what's to come:

The one-room apartment of the protagonist Steve Salaryman

Nuked. Here's one of many possible apocalypses that you have to make sure never happens

The game is played on a monthly calendar and the player must shift and move around dates on the calendar as our "hero", Steve Salaryman lives his life. You have to make sure that he doesn't go to sleep one night and wake up the next in a horrible, ruined reality.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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