Saturday, May 12, 2012

TOJam: Delicious Fruits of Labour

It's been a very long Saturday, but Team Unskippable Custcene has been hard at work on our game Quotidian Shift, the puzzle game of daily life and the occasional end of the world.

After two days of hard work and a complete lack of rest, we have the first screens to show off, the game's Title Screen and the main game screen.

Quotidian Shift title screen, courtesy of Jeff Canam

Quotidian Shift: a calendar-themed puzzle game

All of the art for the game (the beautiful, beautiful pixel art) has been created by my brother, Jeff. It is very important to note, that all of the art for the game is being created in MS Paint. Just wrap your head around that.

Everything is going very well, and the art is turning heads (especially the process of making the art)!

Hopefully I'll be able to post some form of gameplay footage soon!

Stay Tuned...

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